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4 - Self-Care

Urban: Mobile Wellness at Home or Office

Through Urban, you can choose from a range of massage treatments to have at home or wherever suits you. There’s something to suit everyone, whether you want gentle pampering or a treatment that works deep in the muscle tissue.

Massage tailored to you

Massage isn’t just an indulgent treat – it can help beat stress, ease muscle tension and boost overall wellbeing. Every therapist is fully qualified and are experts at the massage treatments they offer, so you will know you’re getting the very best. We, at EMIUT, have tested “Lorenzo Z” in Richmond, it was great!

Most of their massages are full-body treatments, designed for ultimate relaxation. But each treatment can be tailored to you. So, if there’s a particular area you want the massage therapist to focus on – or a part of your body you don’t want them to touch – you can just let them know. Their most popular treatments are the Urban Classic and Deep Tissue massages.

If you want to book a massage with a friend or partner, you can do that through us – simply request two therapists when you book. You can have either the same treatment, or each select different ones – have a look at our Couples Massage page for more details. If you don’t have space for two massage tables you can book two treatments with the same therapist back-to-back.