Travelmate Autonomous Suitcase Robot
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Travelmate: a Fully Autonomous Suitcase and Robot

Travelmate Robotics is fully autonomous suitcase and robot. The Travelmate model include a built in scale that will accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents. You’ll never have to worry about over packing. Travelmate uses a secure TSA standard Bluetooth enabled lock and low energy Bluetooth module allows for a long lasting and consistent connection.

Multi colored LED lighting signifies your suitcase’s battery level, moving direction and shows other signals.
Travelmate includes a GPS chip that helps orient the suitcase and allows you to know the location of it at all times. You can remove the GPS chip and attach it to other things that are easily lost.
The battery that powers Travelmate can be easily removed and is charged with wireless technology. The battery can be used to charge almost all electronics through a USB port and a standard electrical outlet.
Starting price for the small size in $ 1.099.