Day2 Dry Wash Spray
4 - Self-Care

Day2: The World’s First Dry Wash Spray

We’re all guilty of it: wearing clothes once and instinctively sending them to the washing basket, despite the fact that it’s not even dirty yet. An easy habit to fall into, and one we want to break.

Because over-washing wastes time, ruins clothes, and hurts the planet. In short, it’s not great. There had to be a smarter solution, so we made one…

Step forward the world’s first dry wash spray. Day2 instantly gets your clothes smooth, soft and fresh. No more unnecessary washing machine loads. Which means less washing, and more wearing. So that’s it… simple right?

40% of the clothes we wash could be worn again. All this over-washing doesn’t just damage your favourite t-shirt but it’s bad for the planet too.

A bottle of Day2 is made with only 0.02% of the water in a normal laundry load. Using it will protect the planet and make a positive change, while making your life a little bit easier

By using only 0.02% of the water in a normal laundry load, a spray of Day2 is a far more environmentally friendly way to keep your clothes fresher for longer. You’re welcome, planet!

They’re proud to say that Day2ers worldwide have saved over 1,38 bathtubs of water by spraying more and washing less.

Pump sprays and aerosols? No thanks, that sounds exhausting. The air-o-sols (powered by air) spray a light, continuous mist onto your clothes, for faster, more controlled coverage. Smart, eh?

The gender-neutral fragrance – which starts strong and powerful when first sprayed, then turns the volume down for the rest of the day – lifts odours and keeps you fresh.

Some sprays are just perfume and water – your clothes might smell refreshed, but it’s only surface dressing. These little wonders stiffen fabrics and keep them looking freshly-pressed. Goodbye wrinkles!

A lovely massage for tense yarns and fibres, relaxing them back into a washed state by forming a soft, lubricating layer across the surface.