Men’s clothing requires a human touch.

With so many websites and products at our fingertips, it’s hard to cut through the unnecessary noise to find what we really want to buy.

How can we possibly wade through this enormous sea of products to find the stuff we’re looking for?

Well, machines have already been helping in this very pursuit for years. Using machines to aggregate content is helpful up to a point. But to select, organise and present relevant men’s clothing content, we need a human curator.


EMIUT, (beta version 1.0 built the 09/2018), is a curated Men’s Clothing Search Platform to help men shop directly from selected world’s brand stores, independent and established.

The website has been created in London by the Italian author of “L’eleganza non ha tempo” and men’s style expert Emidio Cesetti (Linkedin profile).

The Italian style handbook “L’eleganza non ha tempo”, published in 2009, has been featured by the main Italian magazines and newspapers.

Emidio Cesetti has developed also EMIUT app in 2013, an iOS app for men’s style advice.

EMIUT app has been selected to attend the TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT in 2014.



Disrupt Europe 2014: London – Techcrunch 1